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Sample wedding menus

Click image for the pdf of each menu.

A Lakeside Wedding

Buffet Style.

We prefer the word "regalement" over "buffet". .The image of a straight-shot run of chafing dishes with a line of people waiting is soo not us.  Sometimes this style of service is the perfect fit for the venue or the atmosphere or the menu but in all cases, the food needs to excite. We like to create a visual display that is enticing and welcoming.  Our professional service personnel and culinary team ensures that your fare is beautifully presented from the beginning dish to the end and from your most intimate friends and family members to those rowdy co-workers who may be the last table invited to share in the feast but are certainly treated with the same care.

Mediterranean Display
A Family Now

Family Style.

There's something so immediately unifying and warm about this style of service. It doesn't work in all venues and it certainly isn't appropriate for all menus but when it's right, it's very right and the feeling among your family and friends is indescribable.


Jon and Sarah
Bacon wrapped scallops

Plated Service.

 Having your guests served at the table can add an element of style to your celebration.

Another benefit of plated service is that it does not require the floorspace of a buffet.  If room is an issue, plated service can be a good solution. It also eliminates the need for the rental of chafing dishes, buffet tables and their linens.

Quinn and Nick

simply brilliant

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